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Default Kneeler

Just been out today to practice Kneelers and Standers as they have been my weak point for a while now.
First took Kneelers how I have always taken them. I use the bag under the shin to support my ankle mainly and my knee is also supported by the bag to keep it off the ground. I consider this to be kneeling as it certainly is not sitting or standing. The fact that the rifle is waving about because my left hand is not supported by my knee is what causes this position to be a harder shot than a sitter.

I thought next, lets try the position which is being advocated now. RH Knee supported by the rear edge of the bag, shin in the air and RH toes only touching the ground. (I'm right handed).
I found this to make no difference to my ability or inability to hit long kneelers, but can definitely state it just makes my ankle hurt.
I am considerably old, not overweight, relatively fit and very agile, but it still hurts.

So I have come to the conclusion that the new rule will only bring pain to us mature shooters. If in fact the shooter suffers from any form of ankle pain; arthritis or just stiff knees....a lot of pain.

I don't really see why we can't use the bag in contact with the ground, in any way that makes the shot more comfortable particularly as a bag is part of the FT kit.
I have heard that some people use very large armchair bags and can gain some advantage using these for kneeler. I can't say I have seen any examples of this, but if its true, then maybe the bag size is what should be the focus of a rule change.
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