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Default Position of elbow

Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Sigh... The AGM motions are just that - individual items proposed in a meeting.

The 2014 Main Rules, GP Rules, etc still have to be compiled - huge thanks to Shaun when that task is done.

So the outcome will be a revised set of Rules which have to be reviewed to ensure they make sense and that any change doesn't conflict with some other aspect of the Rules. Hence the January EGM where the AGM motions are reviewed, the new Rules reviewed and motions can be made to modify/add/delete as needed. Hopefully just minor edits at that point which can be checked by email/forum comms.

Then, and only then, will I upload them to the BFTA site and do my best to publicise them and point out any changes finally agreed on.

So -- everyone's task is to discuss the changes which your regional rep has informed you of except they may only have their own notes from the meeting.

Just one minor issue is that I have been trying to get the draft of the AGM minutes written up to a state which I can circulate within the committee for a first review - are they accurate and with no omissions? Once that has cycled through a couple of times I will put a PDF of the _Draft_ Minutes up on the BFTA site. Even then they are not Final until accepted by the committee in January. These will be official and not just individual member's handwritten notes.

So everyone is going on about items listed in the Agenda at present which are pretty much the same as will appear in the Minutes. I have no idea what committee members made notes of or have passed along in conversations.

It would have been really helpful to the committee if much of the discourse here had been done in local regional AGMs and meetings before the BFTA AGM and a cohesive set of feedback presented there.

To summarise my understanding of kneeling

3 points of contact with the ground (2 feet plus knee)
Rifle supported by shoulder and leading hand
Leading hand arm supported by elbow on the knee

mud, sharps
elevation, declination of targets
strain on toes and ankle

Open Class

It's been a hard day so please accept apoogies if I have misunderstood - does the elbow have to be on the knee? I've seen very people people do this and most seem to advise against - most put forearm on the knee. I have an old video of Terry Doe advising strongly against "elbow on knee technology". Bought it when I first started shooting and it was old then.
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