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The Big Nikko Syncronised Dislay team were in attendance

... in fact the Leupolds were forced into a little area at the end of the range...


Colour like no other

It's not always the target position that makes things difficult...

An s400 will do just as well

Oasis of calm

Dan's on his way


Temperature rising

12 o'clock miss...

Neale M, Team Walther

Concentration required

because Sarah was level

47.5 yds

Rich leads SWEFTA with 36

WAFTA's waders


Don't get on the trigger unless your sure

The sun did shine... for a bit.


Sshhh... don't tell anyone... it's Andy Gillott testing a Walther!

Classic Cliffy

Left eye dominant?

South Dorset's secret

Glenn gives it CSFTA code for "I'm down 5 targets"

He's British Champ, but the eyes still tell you how this stander went

But like all the top shots, it's a joy to watch him action.

Polish everything...

BFTA/NSRA County Coach
CSFTA Chairman/BFTA Rep
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