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Hi, Paula here

Just to say this has been long in the making i.e enforcing the already viable kneeling rules which have been flouted by many for a long while, and this is why the problem has surfaced.

For too long I have seen top shooters taking advantage with over-sized bean bags scrunched up to provide a mega platform for knee, shin, ankle and backside, therefore a sitting position in my eyes.
I commented to a fellow well known shooter (my partner) at the Euros a couple of years ago that his kneeling position was not correct, he had one of the over-sized bags, was kneeling with his right knee on the right hand side of the bag, the remainder of the bag was up under his bum and provided a very comfy seat,
After my comment he did not repeat all weekend so there you go!!

Also those who wear trainers which are flexible to allow flexing at the ankle joint to align the foot with the leg i.e along the floor, also allows unfair support, they are sat on the leg and foot, not kneeling!!

The comment about boots does not hold water, most of us use sturdy soled boots which afford protection to our toes, we spend a small fortune on rifles and scopes so this is a minor issue.

Ideally, marshalls should be on kneeling lanes to make sure everyone is advised accordingly, wishful thinking!!

My two-penneth

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