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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
What a fascinating thread and so many inventive posts.

Now, as you know, I'm new to FT ~ geriatric ~ flexibly challenged ~ and an allround poooo shot.
When I kneel, my natural tendency is to topple sideways, like an inebriated skittle. With a loaded gun in my hands this usually results in an immediate scattering of marshalls/fellow shooters & the oddly curious spectator who has heard that I have a unique ability to miss what everyone else in the area is able to hit, with ease and impunity.

So I've been practicing. A lot.

Now that I have, if not perfected the art of kneeling shots, at least I have managed to accomplish one or two successful ones, you're telling me that I have to begin again and learn a new technique.

OK. So tomorrow I'll start practicing again.
It's not the end of the world (that's due to happen in February 3026)
Isn't it possible for versatile and intelligent men such as yourselves, who are capable of hitting a 40mm circle, in a howling gale with a tiddly piece of lead less than 5mm in diameter at 55yds distance, to adapt what yesterday was acceptable, but may not be tomorrow, into that which will be the norm in the future.
Of course it is just possible that by the time the 2014 GP season commences, we may yet be required to re-adapt out kneeling/standing/sitting technique.

But c'mon guys (& girls), it's no big deal, is t?
For the sake of the sport you love - just DO it.
You're missing the point Jack, it's something to moan and argue about, it is what FT is all about
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