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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Rules are rules and are not there to be broken or manipulated to such an effect it's technically cheating.
Look ......... the kneeling rule has changed , so what , it effects everyone at a guess as not many kneel in this style ( including me ) , so instead of moaning and slamming your toy box lid and trying to burn and religious documentation on route........... Just practice or take up trumpet polishing or Fishcake juggling or brass rubbing.

FT is trying to move forward as a sport instead of being a pass time / hobby , the only way it can move forward is to have consice structured rules, with this we can drive it forward and also have a structured format that could be the way forward on the World stage ? Maybe I'm wrong , just my opinion for what it's worth !

So the moral of the story is stop moaning start practicing.


Please note three faggots were consumed in some spicy gravey and a can of Guiness while compiling this drivel .
That's all well and good Scott but some people who struggle with kneeling are going to have kneeling made even harder.
As Adam said a rule that the buttocks must not touch the seat would have been much fairer.

As another example of a silly rule the one banning gloves for silhouettes in the middle of winter is a doozy.
Less is more.

More or less.
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