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ISSF Rules (OK?) - but I wouldn't be surprised if even these rules are open to "interpretation" - nightmare to enforce for FT - so not saying they should be. However there are elements that may be worth considering but variations in target height and angle makes this sort of hard - especially the elbow-knee distance :-) Kneeling
 The athlete may touch the firing point surface with the toe of the right foot, the right knee and the left foot;
 The rifle may be held with both hands and the right shoulder;
 The cheek may be placed against the rifle stock;
 The left elbow must be supported on the left knee;
 The point of the elbow must not be more than 100 mm over or 150 mm behind the point of the knee;
 The rifle may be supported by the sling but the forend behind the left hand must not touch the shooting jacket;
 No part of the rifle may touch the sling or its attachments;
 The rifle must not touch or rest against any other point or object;
 If the kneeling roll is placed under the right foot or ankle, the foot must not be turned at an angle of more than 45 degrees;
 If the kneeling roll is not used, the foot may be placed at any angle. This may include placing the side of the foot and the lower leg in contact with the surface of the firing point;
 No portion of the upper leg or buttocks may touch the surface of the firing point or shooting mat at any point;
 If the athlete uses the shooting mat he may kneel completely on the shooting mat or may have one (1) or two (2) of three (3) points of contact (toe, knee, foot) on the mat. Other articles or padding may not be placed under the right knee;
 Only the trousers and underclothing may be worn between the athlete's seat and heel, except that a kneeling heel pad
may be used. The jacket or other articles must not be placed between these two (2) points; and
 The right hand may not touch the left hand, left arm or the left sleeve of the shooting jacket or sling.
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