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Default Wheels

I have two Sightrons and one is on an EV2. My first scope came with a Rowan wheel which is 6" dia. It was rather ugly and not specifically designed for a Sightron, so I changed it for a Jon Harris wheel which is 5 1/4" dia. I now have these on both scopes.
I don't have the standard stock and need a 19mm minimum rail to keep the wheel away from the top edge of the stock. These are available from AJP on here.
On top of this, the mounts I use are the Sportsmatch adjustable ones which allow you to raise the rear end of the scope slightly and yet maintain it in line with the mounting clamps.
Now the problem; Jon Harris has loads of work and you may struggle to get a wheel off him as quickly as you want it. They really are worth waiting for though.
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