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Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
After reading this thread, Can i just ask, as i don't know,
Why are the rules being changed as regards what the rule is on taking a kneeling shot ?

I only ask as i intend in the new year to pop over for a few shoots and don't wish to fall foul of "the correct way".

Many years ago when i was starting FT, I was told the way was for the bag/seat, to be rolled slightly and placed under the ankle, knee in the dirt, coz were hard and don't mind getting grubby grrrr

Is this now the wrong way ?
Yes, I'm afraid it is. The once sensible position seems to have been pushed to the limit by the bags growing to the extent they touch and support the backside, and other work arounds.

So now you have:

Kneeling: When using a seat for protection of the knee, whilst taking KNEELING SHOTS, only the knee to be in contact with the seat and the bulk of the seat to be forward of the shooter NOT under the fore-leg nor under the thigh nor innner thigh. No additional seats, mats, rolls etc. to be used.
I believe it is still open to abuse, as one of the more creative positions I have seen complied with this but essentially pushed the upright shin (right leg on a right handed shooter) into the bag, which was big and stiff enough to act like a shin guard.
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