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Default Gentlemen....

Gentlemen, this was unnecessary.

The rules about language and banter are clearly laid out as best I could muster effort for here

I don't think the comments were inflammatory towards any particular brand of meatball, tissue, biscuit or anyone's sexuality, but have removed them so the debate about their use and society's language and further social issues doesn't colour the thread or bore me stupid.

There's banter, when it crosses the line it will be dealt with (assuming someone reports it). The line is what I and Pete see as fit. But I'm not going to spend hours dealing with parties lobbying about the use of Jehova. This isn't kindergarten. As much as Michael Jackson sung "children are our future", it's a sport largely participated by adults with naff all better to do. As such there's a certain amount of adult type conversation that's going to exist and have to be dealt with. If it becomes intolerable, follow this advice below and i will take it from there.

Carry on.
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