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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Now I'm more of an FT shooter so you might expect me to be a tad more anal about things but even so, I think you can probably round 8.9 yds up to 9 without any real trouble.
Hell, if my range finding was good enough to know an exactly 8.9 yard target when I saw it then I would wouldn't worry about anything. Any way, no way in hell am I gonna risk rounding off 8.9 to 9.0 yard; that 0.1 yard could make all the difference (and with my shooting, I need every atom of help I can get). Maybe I should use 4.48mm head size pellets just to reduce that incredibly microscopically small chance of a pellet splitting KZ and plate.

FT shooters aren't anal, i've got customers who worry about the waterproofing difference between ripstop fabrics and poly/cotton mix fabrics when proofed. Now, that is anal. (they're also in need of some serious therapy..... or a slap)
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