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I agree with Rob (who I may curse on Sunday at Buccs hahaha) but I have learned from Showdowns that you can plan both targets before lifting the gun i.e. make a reasonable choice when first sitting on the bag. After losing a chunk of my insides I have to be careful about trying to move around (up/down) while holding the gun so I put it down in the bag, sit, pick up the gun, shoot, place on lap if I have to move a lot, shoot, put on bag and get up. I have sat down and fallen backward A over T but without the gun weight I don't suffer any pain and neither does anyone else. :-)

I have done Dewar comps e.g. at Wendover where it was .22LSR prone under cover, nice and flat but with evil winds between me and the 50m and 100yd targets. Dry and comfortable but you have no feel for the wind. I much prefer the true outdoor nature of FT - most of the time, except when it is raining hard :-)
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