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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Yes it is good to have some variety . but if you have two targets on a lane in difficult conditions 180% apart , then what you have is pot luck . no idea on the first , no idea on the second . this does not mean that all the targets have to be next to each other by any means . what it means is that you should not have to get a hold of the bag by the handle and shuffel jump around . disturbing your second shot and possibly falling off the bag on a slope . ??? HOLLY
Hols, the idea that you can take one shot from one target to the next is just lazy shooting in my opinion and you have to be very careful when to apply it and when not. There may be a sting in the tail at the Buccs because if the wind is where it normally is me and Monty put a lane in that you can easily sit without barely shuffling and the targets are merely degrees and yards apart but it won't work it that breeze is blowing.

Moving position mid lane does make things harder, but it's all about the one shot per target for me. Being able to move safely is either something you can or can't do.

I do question, in seriousness, if people cannot get up and down from a position, shoot on an incline, move, all in safety of themselves, their gear and their fellow competitors if they should be on the course. If they know that's a problem then they can always ask for help getting up or down. It's no where near an extreme sport and people from all ages, sizes, and shapes still put in top scores.

FWIW I think the rule is wolly in definition. The more that some crow, the more others will look for loopholes and make life more difficult using them. It's a field sport. Adapt and overcome. Or else it may become an indoor sport just shot outside.
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