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25 yard zero (14.9 yard as well)
35 yard 0.5 mil
37 yard 0.75 mil
40 yard 1.0 mil
45 yard 1.5 mil

Scope height 1.26"

Now from 8 yards to 14-ish yards, it should be TOK but I guess I should pay a bit more attention to the close stuff. I got a few nice longer range shots (15mm head shot on the guillotine) on Sunday at Buxted's extreme shoot but the close range squirrels fighting over a nut (8 yards) had me out-foxed. Having said that, I plated my first five targets so it looks like I should do a few warm up shots first.

From 35 yards onwards my MTC Viper gets progressively more blurry (More a losing of crispness but it can also depend on light conditions. Patches of light & shadow can mess with it.).

Balls. I just looked on Chairgun and I've only just noticed that 8.9 yards coincides with 40 yards. What a schmuck. So....ahem, 8.9 yard 1.0 mil.
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