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Originally Posted by Lee67 View Post'd it in today with big scope..pellet on pellet
It's pellet on pellet at every range mate.
I am not in a rush with my parts to be honest, got loads on here at the minute so when they are done i will get them fitted etc.

Put up a few pics of the hook when you get it mate. Lofty myself and a few others that have been shooting the AR's for a while now are wanting to see what we can do to personalise them etc as they are becoming more and more popular due to them being super easy to shoot and super accurate. Not to mention the huge shot count per charge.

Having said that though, i am still in awe at my pro target, Without doubt the best gun ever made in my view.
Loading system, the fact you can still see the pellet when the shuttle is back. The fact that should you fire with the shuttle back it just clicks, inform the marshal and get another go.
Loving both guns for different reasons.
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