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If you can shoot on the saturday before a comp , at about the same time as you will shoot on the sunday . you can check out the ranging and note any variation . IE mine comes in between 2,5 to 5 yards out in the cold weather ( it is set up for the summer ) . make sure the scope has been out of the bag for at least 15 mins so as to acclimatise to the cold , before using . one trick you can do is put a couple of hand warmers in the gun bag when shooting to help . personally , i am out in the cold . the gun is out in the cold .??? HOLLY

PS another one with the 20+50 is when very cold , you can gently take the scope to the stop at 80 yards ish . tap it gently on the stop twice and then bring it back down to your range . this seems to help and i find can knock 2.5 yards of the dodgy range . . great scope the lupe . got character .
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