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Yes, it's outward gauging; if you break the line you score the lower number.

In our league we don't score the X or 0.1 for it although I suppose that could happen in a tie break situation. It's unlikely as we shoot a total of 20 cards over ten rounds so the final score is ex 2000.

Rob, this card is the BM 2010. That indicates 20 yards and 10 roundels. There is also a BM1510 - shot at 15 yards and the roundels are smaller - and a BM 2510 which predictably is a 25 yard card with larger roundels.

It is harder than it looks, quite a lot harder in reality. As I've said before, it's pressing the edges of pellet consistency.

The fore-end of the rifle is rested on a flat solid support, typically placed on a table. A bean bag can be used but only if it has a solid flat piece of plank on top; there must be nothing cradling or giving lateral support to the stock. Your non-trigger hand must be behind the trigger and nowhere near the fore-end. The butt of the rifle must not be supported by the table nor by a rest. Normally you have your non-trigger hand clenched as a fist, on the table, with the butt on top of your fist. As you squeeze your fist you can make the butt go up and down, and this gives the fine adjustment in the vertical direction.

You can shoot the ten roundels in any sequence and there are afficionadi for various sequences, straight across, two blocks of 5 etc., to minimise the movement between shots.

Rules for kit tend to vary with the organiser; Devon County has one class, open, any sights. UKBR22 has five classes encompassing two power levels and two or more scope magnifications plus other variations. That's Tone's territory really. In our case we are competing against rimfire shooters, and some of them will be shooting their LSR guns with trigger pulls in excess of 500 grams; eek!

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