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Default AR20 second day out

So having confirmed all the settings, ranges and zero on the bench at Pete's during the week, took the new toy to my club yesterday. Not a disaster, but not great either - However.... the problems encountered were set into the rig by me! and there's a good bit at the end
To start with, the gun was shooting consistently an inch low at my zero range of 27 yards. The only thing I can think of is that during setup at Pete's, I used one of the bench cushions to rest the gun. Because of the position of the hamster, the rest point was waaaaaaay forward under the casing. It would appear that mine does indeed suffer POI shift if supported in the wrong place. Quick re zero and all was dandy EXCEPT

Marking ranges in indoor light doesn't work and I was ranging somewhere between 5 and 10 yards out on the farther away targets I should know better by now I know

One of our more skillful shooters was curious about the gun and after everything was put away, had a few shots and made very satisfying clover leafs in paper at 55 yards

I'm still thrilled with this cheap little combo. I haven't yet spent 700 quid on it and the chaps discussing the gun all agreed there's no money to be spent on making it shoot any better. If I spend another 300 on some new wood to replace some of the plastic, a few bits of aluminium and an AJP 5 MOA riser rail, I'll still be the right side of a grand for a full FT rig

There are a few of these around for sale at the moment. I can't recommend them highly enough as an entry level, non bank account busting start to FT participation

Happy days
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