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Originally Posted by Scottish Guy View Post
Having followed this post with bated breath which gun did you eventually chose simps ?
well....I ended up buying both a Steyr LG110FT from the classifieds here and an EV2 MK4 from another forum. I also bought a EB Sniper from a top chap which I have mounted on the Steyr.

I keep thinking that I have spent way more that I estimated but I haven't. I pretty much bought both guns for less than a new Steyr or a FTP900. The way I justified it was that I can spend some quality time with each gun in somewhere like Petes Airgun Farm and work out what I prefer.

For a scope I think I am looking at buying a Sightron Siii in the non illuminated milldot flavour.
I have read an awful lot now and this and the Big Nikko keep coming up over and over as being really great but with the Sightron being that bit better. If you factor in the price of these in the US then the Sightron becomes a no brainer. Not that I want to take business from the UK but there dont appear to be any used ones and the new price is almost half in the US.

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