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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
The original rule for kneeler's read's,bag can be used to keep knee clean OR suport the ankle [ not ] both.
That's the bone of contention.
Originally Posted by BFTA
A legal seat may be used to support the rear foot and/or ankle, or to keep the
knee clean provided that the foot has contact with the ground.
But it did not actually specify "but not both"? So the word OR can mean one or the other or both. It does not rule out both. I read it as OR not XOR

Since an earlier poster sought to imply anyone taking issue with this was one of the rule breakers, I feel it necessary to mention the ankle support business doesn't really matter to me as I've tried supporting my ankle with part of the bag rolled up and not found any benefit. I sit on the heel with my toes bent.

However when it talks about the bag only supporting the knee and not the shin, it needs to be much more specific in definition, as with the definition of the wrist. Most people when kneeling on a bag will put their knee roughly in the middle with maybe a foot or so of upper shin also contacting the bag. If the definition is to be: contacting solely the knee joint (the patella and the knobbly ends of the tibia and fibula ), you'd be kneeling on the extreme edge of the bag.
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