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Default Doing it indoors

Tone asked me to start a new thread so here are some parts cut and pasted:

At Shebbear we started having a look at bench rest a couple of years ago and eventually elected to shoot 20 yards indoors, taking part in the Devon County Small Bore Rifle Association league. It's based on NSRA rules and as above, the aim point is a veritable pinhead.

So far we have had about ten club members enter for the DCSRA competitions; the winter series has just got under way. In most NSRA comps you have to declare your average score before you start, and then get graded accordingly. In this comp your grading is dynamically assigned; you shoot the first three rounds (out of ten) and are then rank ordered and placed in grades along with similarly performing individuals.

These are postal comps where the cards get sent off roughly every fortnight to be scored. Ten roundels to a card, and two cards make a round of the comp.

In this comp you can shoot either 177 or 22 but once you have chosen a calibre you must stick with it for the season. This makes it a broad church as the LSR guys can shoot their standard 22 cal rigs and so can the FT guys shoot their 177s. It's amazing how a FT rig very quickly becomes suited to bench rest.

We're all still chasing that elusive 100 card. We regularly get 98s and 99s but nobody at our club has as yet printed a perfect 100. I suppose we are really at the limit of pellet production technology too; it doesn't take much of a flaw to send you a millimetre or two off at 20 yards and that could well be a 9.

Here's a link to the NSRA shop. Click on the BM 2010 picture to see the whole target card.

Ten roundels to be shot at 20 yards. The objective is to punch out the spot in the middle of each roundel without touching the smallest circle at all. If you shoot a 177 pellet then the hole it makes will be gauged out as though you had shot a 22. So even if your 177 hole misses the circle, by the time it's gauged to 22 it might be a 9. If you break the line you get the lower number.
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