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Originally Posted by rich View Post
I go along with you Neil, about changes proposed by active shooters etc., but three abstentions on a vote such as this, from people who have allegedly gone there to represent their region, I'm not too impressed by that. Well done to the five who did have a point of view and were prepared to air it.
Thanks - I will aim to get the Agenda out in the public site before the next meetings and hopefully more people will read it and talk within the regions but the rules for meetings are a constraint as to how much advance notice I can give. All the Region Reps get the Agenda in draft and final form at least 28days ahead of the meetings unless events conspire to delay it (voluntary organisations!!).

Oh and clearly I won't name names as to voting until the minutes are drafted and approved/accepted at the next meeting.

By which time everyone will have forgotten :-) Too many mince pies will do that!

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