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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
No talking sense on this thread please

Slings have not been banned, there may be a proposal for the EGM in janiary.
They may then be banned, or like many of the proposals on the weekend it may not get voted it?

If your regional reps are doing their jobs, the proposals should be reaching "interested Competion" shooters via Regional reps / regional sec / Club secs.

If not, cpmplain to your region and not on here

Or go see Bfta web site. That why I insisted the agenda was put on the bfta site, so ALL could see what was coming up.
Please see Neils post in the thread entitled "slings banned" and explain to me what im not understanding " may not be used to steady the aim " seems pretty clear cut to me. 3 for and2 against would also suggest carried -therefore banned

Or is it just me
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