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Default Is this pointless.....

Benchrest seems a brilliant shooting form for those interested is extracting every last drop of technical performance from their guns, and as said great for the less physically fit.

A new section is a great idea but there seems little point to starting a new section on here as everything that gets posted no matter what section its in and no matter how the post is worded always but always seems to gets drawn back to FT

The forum should be renamed "FT Shooting the", banner "the forum run by FT shooters, for FT shooters, to talk about FT shooting, to buy/sell FT shooting gear......

Seriously though fellas I thought it was just me when I first posted in the General Chat section about something I said was not aimed at FT and was then immediately dragged down by the FT mafia telling me that it was useless for FT

I have since seen several threads that were clearly not FT related with the OP then being told it bore no relevance to FT...please read threads in their entirity before commentiong on the relevance of something to FT

Breaking news FT is not the only shooting discipline

Good luck with the Benchrest section

Bring it on....crawl back to the BBS......if you dont like it dont read it......etc,etc ---- its not going to stop me trolling on
...the statements, opinions and comments in the post above are from someone who has never won anything and probably never will, just an enthusiastic air gunner, for those here who only place value in the opinions of winners - move along to the next post ... LL MRE
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