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Default Growing interest in Airrifle Benchrest?

Thanks to RobF for putting this new section up on STB. A few people have been discussing Benchrest recently and there have been some articles in the magazines over the last year or so.

It is a true Airrifle sport shot outside and is therefore true to the saying 'Shooting the Breeze'.

I have been into Airrifle Benchrest for a few years now and like quite a few fellow shooters I couldn't quite work out the attraction when I first saw someone almost trying not to hold their rifle while shooting at a target. That was until I gave it a go.

Since then I have travelled to a number of different clubs for head to head competitions (always shot outside from a covered firing point) aswell as going to the World Cup in the Czech Republic and I have met many different people from the UK and across the World.

However, they all have one thing in common and that is firstly a passion for Airrifles and secondly a drive to push the limits of Airrifle accuracy.

When the targets scoring 10 ring is only 2mm diameter and you are shooting at it from 25 yrds away in the wind, then you can see it is quite a challenge.

I hope that this section of Shooting the Breeze will help to bring some new enthusiasts to the sport aswell as support those that are aready involved.

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