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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Thank you hotshot . the way i see it , it is another way of getting rid of the older / fatter / infirmer shooter and possibly some of the ladies as well . yet more rules to make it harder / less enjoyable for the also rans . the strain on the ankles will be that much greater . the wobble will be that much greater . if the BFTA want to bring in a fairer , less cheatable rule they should provide a roll on the kneeling lane to support the ankle . it will mean less bums on seats in the end . you will need to get a walking boot with a really stiff sole so that you can sit on it without bending the boot . no more trainers in the summer ??? HOLLY
I'm in agreement with you Holly, being somewhat larger build than most.

Although I've not shot FT for a good few years, wallowing around in the mud on a HFT is fast losing it's appeal and a return to FT is a possible. I really believe that we all too often put rules in place and lose sight of what attracted people to the sport in the first place.

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