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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Thanks Neil. So despite what people think has been passed, only the bag position has changed not the position itself. Which seems far more sensible.
Yes. Anyone who has been shooting kneelers by the rules won't find much if any difference. From my own perspective I prefer to have my knee get down and dirty in to the ground otherwise I get micro-slips (I use the bag to focus and then move it out of my way). If there are sharps around (fragments from clays) I use the edge of the bag but I find a thick layer is more unstable.

Anyone wanting a rigidly defined set of rules for kneeling, standing or prone should take a look at ISSF rules - you won't like them :-) 3P competitions mean that shooters have to kneel for a loooong time so ankle rolls, boots (and even foot sideways is allowed) are needed.

I guess it is the inevitable "try it for a season and submit a motion for the 2014 AGM" cycle. The real problem is that Field Target targets are all over the place - different distances, heights and angles. If you want a simple set of rules the targets have to be boringly the same - or you start scoring on rings and arguing about inwards or outwards scoring.

I would be happy if there were kneeling lane marshals - rather boring for them but I rather like kneeling shots :-)

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