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The motion clarifies the use of the bag when kneeling. It doesn't change the existing rule regarding the rear foot i.e. up or down (just changes the kind of cramp you can get) just not sideways.

Note that "All positional lanes must be situated on as flat a shoot area as possible. i.e., the shooting area between the lane pegs must be as flat as is reasonably possible on the course. " was also passed which should help both kneeler and stander.

Nobody should shoot in a position which causes themselves pain.There are alternatives (take kneeler standing or Open class).

Motions passed at the AGM will be reviewed at the January EGM for omissions and errors in the draft minutes (it takes a while to get them written and reviewed). New motions may be made of course but those won't ordinarily be themselves finalised until the June meeting (last year an extra meeting was held at the Championships). The Shoot Rules for 2014 will incorporate the AGM motions and will be reviewed to ensure they accurately incorporate the changes approved by the Regional Representatives (just to clarify that only the Regions have a vote at BFTA meetings). I am not clear what other level of ratification is being referred to.

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