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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
There's nothing in the rules defining legal lanes though Dave except distance.

So my 10m square shaped boots are ok? Like I said, having kneeling rules is pointless if you allow standing and you don't define that. The angle of the foot is not mentioned in the ffta proposal. So I think unless you have minutes there or the proposal was changed, then foot flatter is ok. Even if it isn't then ill bring a duvet along to the champs with my 10m gear and see how that goes combined with taking a point off everyone who puts the gun in their shoulder for kneelers seeing as only the leading hand is allowed to support the rifle. Duvet is under 4" and the majority of it will be forward of the knee, just a few square feet rolled up under knee packing it up about 2 ft. It's great for sitting on and against as well.

Or I may cut it down and use a dog bed.
Another proposal was also put in and this is the one that was chosen.

shoot in your 10m boots, not a problem.

OF course you can put your rifle butt into your shoulder, otherwise it would be pistol (my mother has a saying...... Act daft and i'll buy you a rattle)

you can still only have a 4 inch thick seat, no matter what you do with it ( this is another case of the rules being bent/broken and nowt being said about it, cause your a shooting God )
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