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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
I thought you would know better rob, you have just become the first person to try and start bending the upcoming rule change, where does it say the MAJORITY OF THE BAG?,

It is as far as i heard it, The bag is placed forward of the knee.

either way simon will be producing photos for this position to be authorised by the BFTA as and when he is able.
It says so in the proposal Dave.

[FFTA] Kneeling: When using a seat for protection of the knee, whilst taking KNEELING SHOTS, only the knee to be in contact with the seat and the bulk of the seat to be forward of the shooter NOT under the fore-leg nor under the thigh nor innner thigh. No additional seats, mats, rolls etc. to be used.
I'm not the first person to try and bend the rules for kneeling. People have been doing that for ages. There are people using bean bags the size of two pillows together. Sitting on bags so stuffed that when their shin goes down two bags form either side supporting the back side. People shoving the bag in front of knee and leaning right thigh into it, having used the grip of the bag and positioned it so its tight bolt upright like a set of stumps in the ground.

Your happy because you use boots. Great. Ill use my 10m boots. And if others are using bum bags the size that would seat 150lb dog then so will I. And I'll stick to the rules.
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