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Photo's would be good (come on Simon, you've had long enough by now surely?)

From what you said before "over the last several years more and more inventive ways of interpreting ( bending ) the rules has been evident to all who care to look.".

The reason people can find more and more inventive ways to interpret the rules is because they've never been clearly defined in an unambiguous way that everyone can understand and remember.

What's needed is a fair rule, that's simple to understand and not in any way ambiguous. Not an easy thing to do, but unless that's done the problem will just be shifted somewhere else.

I also agree with Ozzy - if you're going to have a very prescribed and rigid kneeling position definition then there should be some additional target placement guidelines for kneelers too. Overwise you might find that some kneeling lanes are impossible to use a legal kneeling position for.

Why not just sidestep all of that and provide a kneeling roll on kneeling lanes? Afterall the real issue seems to be people using large bean bags to provide extra support.
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