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Originally Posted by JamesO View Post
Clarity in the rules is the important thing, people tend to interpret them differently.

Once everyone has the same understanding of the written rule all we need to worry about is how the course designers lay out the kneeling targets. High angles and more so low angles make it very difficult to adopt a 'correct' stance. Also they need to be aware that a lanky git like me may be able to manage that while others may not. If the kneeling position is to be very prescriptive then so should the positions of the targets.

One other little point already mentioned, wearers of very stiff boots could be seen as having an advantage over those who wear trainers, is that a problem? Might dig out my shooting jacket...

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Hi James,

I always wear boots because most of the time its wet, muddy and orrible under foot ( plus they are a much safer to use for foot protection ) wearing trainers in my opinion is quite silly as they are none of the above although they are very handy to wear, if you can lay the dorsum of the rear foot flat on the ground and use the back of the leg and foot as a seat, thus circumventing/bending the kneeling rules as many already do.

as for the lane positioning i am in full agreement with you here, if they are not set out correctly, then the shots cannot be taken using the correct positions, which means the lanes are wrong and should be declared at the start of the course and rectified.

it is up to those building the course, that every lane is within the rules and is shootable for the position they have been laid out for as should be the norm.
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