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This is basically only implementing the original kneeling position which over the years has been bent, twisted, and made a mockery of in my opinion.

over the last several years more and more inventive ways of interpreting ( bending ) the rules has been evident to all who care to look.

until the latest incarnation is as stable as any siting position, ( even though most of the assumed positions would still be classed as wrong ).

as a further Note... far too many shooters will not pull up their shooting partners about there incorrect positions, because either, they are friends, a well know Top Shot, dont know the rules themselves, are using a dodgy position themselves, are to embarassed/shy to say anything and dont want to upset the apple cart.

it is in every single shooters interest to marshal their shooting partners correctly, unless you really like to get less points and lose to them.

there are rules in every walk of life, they are there for a reason.
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