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Does anyone have extensive experience of this system.
Yes, I do.

i have a bit of OT cash coming along that would cover a new Scatt system
Then keep it in your pocket until you have some hands on experience. You need to decide whether or not it is going to be of any real value. There are more SCATTs sitting in cupboards gathering dust than there are in use because people didn't make that assessment first. The upside is that secondhand SCATTs come up quite regularly.

I will have a look into the NSRA courses
I run about 1 per year at Holwell Rifle Club, they are scheduled to meet demand.

I'm wanting to to enhance my standing rifle shots and also my pistol shooting.
Are you sure that it's SCATT training you require? Have you considered getting some coaching? This could be much cheaper and more effective.

There's a load of other information as well which can be pulled out, but these are best analysed for each individual shooter and tied in with a specific training program focused on the shooter's goals
RobF has hit the nail on the head there. you need a structured training programme to get any value out of SCATT. You have to set specific technical goals and work to achieve them. SCATT produces an enormous amount of information, unfortunately it doesn't tell you what to do with it!

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