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Talking A Sywell Day

I arrived at Sywell this morning, not at all sure whether I wanted to be there.
It was drizzling with rain - I didn't feel at my best.
Neil had brought the HW77 back, having serviced it. He confirmed that it is not a Venom. So that's that issue sorted out.. I paid him ~ pleased to have it back
Anyway - I got kitted up.
Went to the zero range and would have had trouble hitting the grass, let alone the the TC's.
Eventually realized that it was missing wildly to the left so almost 3/4 turn to the right got the pellets back to where I could see them hitting the targets. A suggestion was made as to the cause of the problem, so I'll sort that one during this coming week, before Greyhound.
Now that I was hitting again, out to 40yds, I decided to go and shoot the course.
As often happens when I'm around, everyone scatters, so that they don't have the ordeal of coming round with me.
So I set out on my own. I started the lane that we normally start on. Only to find, as I was shooting it, that it was 5/6/7/8. So I went back toward the store and found 1/2/3/4. Up a bank ~ so I was almost toppling over.
Anyway, suffice to say that I was the last to finish, and shot the last 4 targets at the feet of a group of people who had finished and were chatting, waiting for me to do the same, so that the TC's could be collected & returned to the store.

Now the good bit. (I have put in a lot of practice since Millride)
You may not believe this.
But I have the scorecard to prove it.

I cleared the last of the two kneeling lanes.
I shot 3 o/of 4 on the 1st kneeling lane
And 3 o/of 4 on my 2 standing lanes.
So I'm pleased with that. Not perfect - but room for some improvement.


It has to be said that I have never known Sywell so quiet. Hardly any breeze ~ in fact sometimes almost still. On most targets it was a case of "if in doubt - - give it nowt"
Also, so far as I'm able to remember, there was nothing out beyond 40yds.
But I am chuffed, nevertheless.

33 o/of 40

Though I'm not holding out for a PB at Greyhound
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