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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Do you really need to free float your barrel? what you need to do is slide the muzzle break off the barrel and air cylinder, if the barrel does not move up or down or side ways i would not free float it.most of the Mk4s i have looked at do not need free floating based on the above.
Regards steve
I had a Mk4 some time back and the windage seemed to need rather a lot of clicks to get to zero. I slackened the clamping bolt and the muzzle break sprang back - left it so it was just free to move on the barrel and tightened up again. The windage was then much better (closer to turrets being centred) and it was free enough for me. It went back to AA for regulator troubles and came back offset again - freed it and it was pretty close to the original scope setup.

I have seen a barrel really move when the allen bolt was released, which may have indicated a "curved" barrel or poorly assembled? If it was mine I would have returned it to the dealer/seller/AA.

I sold it on mainly because the single stem hamster kept working loose. Never really got on with the EV2 stock.

Good luck
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