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Originally Posted by Barry View Post
Well, second day out really, but the first where I had a bit of messing around time, indoors too. Took it to Pete's arigun farm to check setup and make a few adjustments in warmth and comfort. Mightily impressed with its accuracy and shot count (despite an air leak).
There are a few niggles, stuff that moves or goes 'click' when it's picked up (by the stock), the way the air cylinder screws in, the useless scope rail (why did they even bother?) and loss of air which I've narrowed down to the seal in the cylinder end. Altogether very good though when the outlay is considered. If I spend another 300 quid making it all good, I'll still have spent less than a grand for a whole FT rig!
Oh and the Falcon T35 is just superb. I really can't fault it, again for what I spent.
Now for the modifications/improvements.
The trigger has to go, as do the hamster which is too narrow, and that grip, which just won't stay put! I've already replaced those crap plastic spacers for the butt extension with aluminium tubes from U.K.Neil and it's significantly improved that bit.
Don't really care what it looks like so there won't be much done cosmetically for a while. As long as it shoots good, and it does
Hi Barry.
With regards to a few of your minor probs mate:
When storing..leave the cocking arm OPEN, it doesn't stick then when used
Stuff that moves is the stock arm, it means the grip isn't tight enough. nip it up via the pistol grip.
You will need a long allen key or screwdriver with allen key head.
The grip and arm are one in terms of tightening etc.

The hamster is easy replaced. Get it touch with Norris on here and he will sort you with anything you need.

As far as the AR's go in terms of accuracy and value.. THEY ROCK.
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