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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Another nice day at Quarry, well well done to Jason in the shoot-off


Jason Harris EV2 EB Sniper 36
Neal Rainbow Daystate MK3 MTC Viper 36..............FLUKE!!!!

Pete Sparkes Walther LG300 Bushnell 6500 36
Jane Sparkes Daystate MK4 EB 6500 36
Mike Williams Daystate MK4 Bushnell 6500 35
Jack Harris Steyr LG110 EB Sniper 34
Peter Underwood Daystate MK4 Bushnell 6500 34
Paula Johnson AA S400 Nikko 34
Peter Higgins Daystate MK4 MTC Viper 33
Chris Sutcliffe Daystate Airworlf Bushnell 6500 34
Phil Johnson AA S410 Nikko 33
Leigh Osland Daystate MK3 EB Sniper 31
Jaron Lloyd AA S400 Nikko 30
Gareth James AA S400 Hawke 30
Andrew Underwood AA MPR EB Sniper 30
Keven Jones AA MPR Nikko 27
Dave Storey HW100 Bushnell 6500 27
Craig Owen AA S410 ? 27
Ashley Owen Daystate Huntsman ? 27
Anthony Higgins Daystate Huntsman 25
Stephen James AA S200 EB Sniper 24
Sorry Neal
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