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Originally Posted by Pidlar View Post
I always comply with the rules at whatever club or competition I am visiting.Aside from the always treating a rifle as unloaded Rule,as a shooter taught by the military the standard practice is to carry the rifle muzzle up.The reasoning being certain surfaces will enduce a ricochet should an N.D. occur.
Having attended a few busy competitions lateley ive noticed that a lot of shorter set ups that are slung muzzle down actually point way forward of the vertical axis, and in close proximity of say 1 to 2 metres would result in a person taking a pellet wound anywhere from the ankle up to the lower thigh.
Just my 2p,
I agree with what Stu has said. I'm also military, but that aside, rifles slung muzzle up do tend to hang vertically. Fortunately I haven't heard of anyone catching one up from an ND on a course, but I see rifles pointing in all sorts of dodgy directions whilst following the muzzle down rule. I think the short and tall shooter reason for not carrying muzzle up is very weak, unless we're talking a child with a very short barrel rifle. Anyway, rules are rules!

Just my 2p too

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