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FAC guys from the Sywell indoor range will always adopt a muzzle up position when the gun is not pointed down range. Bullets which ricochet off a concrete floor could go anywhere. A bullet leaving a muzzle pointed upwards will go through the roof, without a ricochet.
So far as I am aware, Sywell FT shooters carry their guns pointing muzzle down, on the basis that a pellet into the soil or the grass will be absorbed.
On the Sywell outdoor range, which has steel angle as part of the roof construction, and a concrete floor, for the covered shooting area, all guns are required to point up range (horizontal)

It all appears to me to be perfectly logical, and in each instance, with sound safety reasons.

Personally, I will always carry my gun muzzle down at FT events, because that is what I'm used to at Sywell.
Unless it is raining or muddy, when I will put the gun in the slip between each lane.
However, no-one has ever corrected me at a GP or Winter League event.
I would value a definitive statement about gun handling at BFTA events.
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