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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Jack your pictures are catching a few images of bad gun handling and incorrect kneeling positions at our winter leagues. I recognize that`s not why your taking the pictures as your only trying to take 'action shots' of the day. Not sure what we can do about stopping it but at least your photography is condemning evidence of it happening.
One easy remedy is for me to stop taking kneeling shots Andy.
I appreciate that it doesn't solve your problem, as a BFTA official, but .......
Unfortunately I'm not sufficiently proficient to be able to identify what is, or is not, good handling/positional shooting. So selecting which camera shot to take, or not take, would at the moment, be difficult for me.

Inversely, if shots which I've taken can be provided as proof of 'error' to an approachable shooter, then please feel free to download. However, I don't want to be labelled as a 'spy-in-the-camp'.

Ironically, Neale, my partner on Sunday, corrected me on my second kneeling shot, using my bum bag.
Not in an authorative manner at all ~ rather very generously, providing advice, not admonition.
He explained the rules to me and suggested better use of the bag, to comply with the rules. And, incidentally, I found it more comfortable.
I even hit one of the targets. (though we did both agree that it was probably a fluke)
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