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Originally Posted by simps View Post
Hi Holly, thanks for the response. I am sure over the last 2 months researching I must have read 50 or more of your posts and similar advice to others.
I would not suggest you are wrong but from a clinical statistical perspective I doubt that trying any kit with my level of experience would reduce the likelihood of me buying the wrong stuff for my eventual style.

Think about it, how many people do you know or post have you read where people are buying new kit to improve scores, selling kit because they can't get on with it, saying one is better than the other etc etc. and these are people with 10 yrs experience. Can someone with little experience really know what suits them?

I know try before you buy sounds right but I don't think there are any guarantees. I am happy researching and looking for the best deal. I am sensible and sure my budget is enough to buy kit that will out perform me for years but equally if it all goes wrong I will see 2/3rds back from new price. I am def open to used (steyr) but would soon tire of regulator issues (evo) I have read about on these guns. Also very cautious about used optics but perhaps I am wrong.

No FT is a kit based sport . just like racing . the difference is that you can try em all before you buy em . as a beginner in the sport all you can do is listen to shooters ( not always a good idea .) watch em . then try the kit that attracts you . as an example you go to a shoot and you see cliffy on here doing well with his twenty fifty lupe . you ask him him if you can look through , you do , he explains the pros and cons . you then see woody doing well with his sightron . same thing again , same with rob and his march , you then have experience . not some doughbag in a mag who will get the scope for free if he puts in a good report . with FT you have to try it . there is no other way . does it fit , will you need an after market stock . does the scope work for you . is the scope high enough , low enough and so on , and on . it will not cost you money to go to a club . Springfield / bisley . and have a look and talk to shooters . you can only reseach so far . you must try em . anyway , done my best . good luck and hope to see you in the winter league ??? HOLLY
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