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Originally Posted by simps View Post
Is this due to barrel length because I read that this slight difference in length has little impact on accuracy, apparently anshultz did a test and it didn't make a difference. Or are the inner workings different. I would really like a smaller rifle but will now down to better judgement.
Springers being somewhat odd recoiling rifles are more hold sensitive than most types of firearm , there's a sort of double "bounce" to a springer, first the rifle reacts to the piston being released then the piston hits a compressed cushion of air just before the pellet starts moving rebounding the piston slightly, then the piston continues forward and this is happening whilst the pellet is still accelerating up the barrel!

So follow through is critical, this makes balance critical, the shorter HC has a more pronounced muzzle flip which can make them more hold sensitive in different positions, also the full length is easier to cock.

I did tests a few years back with four different length barrels on a Webley Vulcan, group size and velocity showed very little difference but the shorter barrels made consistency more difficult, I also discovered this to be true of the HC vers Full length on the TX, I suppose you coul use a muzzle weight to balance the HC rifle but the Tx200 shoots brilliantly right out of the box so why bother, there's hardly any difference in handling or weight in reality!
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