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Thanks very much for the replies.

I hope to buy kit in a job lot from one supplier if possible and get a better deal.
Finance wise I did a lot of research on resale values so its more about being comfortable with my potential losses during a learning period.

When I first got into motorbike racing the advice was to try before buying. I did this but unfortunately I didn't know enough to tell the difference and even then often there was kit that flattered a beginner so they would orientate towards that. I ended up buying the wrong bike due to a lack of knowledge but I stuck with it long enough to learn how to ride around the issues and got a few trophies in my rookie year.

I use the mentality that I will buy kit that others can win with and which has a decent resale so if I know it doesn't suit me I can sell and move on with an educated decision. But once you start blaming the bike as to why you are slower than the next guy, or here I assume blame the kit why you aren't hitting the target then its becomes a very very expensive game chasing the next thing to help you win.

Won't suit everyone its a route in life that works for me. Other thing is its likely the PCP will sit in the car until I become successful with the recoiling springer. Great motivator!
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