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Regarding the springers,

The TX200 (not HC) is the better rifle out of the box, it responds well to tuning and is very easy to work on, I personally prefer the Rekord trigger on the HW, the TX trigger can be a real pain to set up, and the HW is very good once tuned, so if your going down the modified route I would recommend a HW77/97 with V-Glide internals from V-Mach.

As for the scope, there's nothing to beat a Bushnell Elite 8-32x40 on a springer for FT at sub 500, put it on Sportsmatch ATP55 mounts and you have loads of room to load, unlike the use of a Nikko or Falcon, it's also light and balances nicely on a HW77/97.

HFT a lot of the guys use the 10x44 Viper and 10x42 Menace.

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