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Default FT PCP and Spring setups

Be really grateful for some advice!!!!
I'm looking at either a used or Steyr 110FT or the new AA FTP900. Which seem to be about 1500. Once and for all which is the better gun . I have read 30 posts on various sites favouring one or other. Right now the choice seems to be between a new gun or a lighter more compact gun.

For a scope i want the march 10-60 but as its considerably outside my 1000 budget! So its the Sightron or the big Nikko? Sightron is about 300 more but is that money well spent??
What's the best matching mounts for these, found it tricky to find any recommendations. I'm still reading up on which reticle but that seems to be down to taste and availability.

Finally on the springer setup I was thinking of a tx200hc or a HW97k with a venom kit (unless there is a better tuner for FT?). I had a prosport but didn't get on with how it cocked so think one of the big 2 underlever unless there is a rare and wonderful other gun I missed like a theoben?

Big uncertainty is the scope. I would ideally want something that suits the gun and would be great for HFT up to about 500.

I realise a lot depends on individual feel but I would really appreciate views on a few greats so I can narrow the search. I am assuming that unless you know the scope well 2nd hand is not the way to go??

Thanks for any help you can give!
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