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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Brian, if you have an idea, 3d modelling is what I do, and while my main output is normally poly's (which I think will do the job), it wouldn't take me that long to sort it in Rhino which does Nurbs.
Cheers Rob

Yeah, I had a quick look through the features of Rhino to see if I could use it for 3D printing... I sort of discounted it as not ideal because it doesn't output STL's. OBJ output might possibly work if I put it through something like MeshLab to convert it to an STL but it seemed like a bit of fannying about that I could sidestep by just using something else.

The iScope thing Ry's talking about is this it's basically 2 tubes and a smartphone case.. the retail for 100 in eBay. Trouble is, because the agency I've been using price up on swept volume, they would probably work out to be about 40 to print from them anyway..
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