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Cheers chaps

I was in two minds about whether to use AutoCad Inventor or Solidworks. By a quick 5 minute investigation they both seem to do about the same thing (AutoCad can do a loft extrusion like Solidworks so it would be fairly trivial to create the same object in AutoCad too).

The reason I chose OpenSCAD for my turret design before was that it didn't take me any time at all to learn it since it's all effectively a C like language (which I use every day anyway at work).

A CAD modelling app has a bit more of a learning curve to it and since I won't be designing models every day, I'll forget how to use it in a couple of weeks so would need to go through the learning curve several times over whenever I need to use it.

I'm quite tempted to stump up 3000 for a FormLabs Form1 printer when they're available in February, and if I do I'll probably be making more and more stuff

For the moment I'll carry on getting stuff printed using an agency - I've already printed around 20 bushnell turrets for people. Adam Lee suggested making some trigger blades - ABS might be quite a nice material to use for trigger blades because it's not as cold in the winter.

Anyhoo.. I'll keep having a play, I know there are some professional CAD experts on here so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, this Wegu spacer printed by the agency will probably cost around 11 plus VAT + postage.. so 1 would probably cost about 20 (printing 1 item isn't very cost effective). But I reckon I could probably print a fully adjustable ABS butt hook for about 25, which isn't bad considering how much you'd pay for one from Intershoot.
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