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Yes I agree Bri.

I missed a real lollipop yesterday. New club and a little nervous and feeling I needed to speed up as there were lads waiting behind me. Third lane was, first target, a 40 yarder across a pool up a tree 40mm kill. The second target was 25 yards 40mm kill. even for me a 40mm kill at 25 yards should be a bit of a gimme. I ranged the 40 yarder and left the mag at 40x and just aimed cross inside top of kill. In a haste I then left the mag on 40x and ranged the 25 yarder and then again left the mag at 40x. I thought no problem as It's 1/2 dot at 25 yards at 20x. So in my rush I thought at 40x it will be 1 dot aim off. So again, in a rush, I thought it's a massive kill so just put the cross inside the top of kill and it must go down. DOH ... dink. Of course at 25 yards it should have been 1 dot aim low ( not high ) at 40x. So I'd dinked it at 12 O'Clock because I'd aimed high instead of low and just aimed inside instead of aiming properly.

Only a practise club shoot but annoying when you are working hard to knock 55 yarders down and then missing 40mm at 25 yards through a silly mistake.

I was clearly rushing far too much and I need to slow everything down but there is no chance of that silly mistake if dialling. So I do think I will start dialling. I'll no doubt find other mistakes to make ... like going a full circle and dialling a full turn out.

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