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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post

As soon as I put the scope on the V block, to check optical centre and focus the ret, I could see things weren't right. From that point on, my tests were side by with the Hawke, on the V block in various positions.

As you know I've been looking for a better scope for months, believe me I gave it every chance to seduce me.
Originally Posted by Sam Vimes View Post
hate to say it but I firmly believe that benching a scope to test PX error proves absolutely nothing whatsoever with regards real world shooting. I've generally found that it's the more expensive scopes that are likely to exhibit greater potential for PX error. I'm not using a fifty quid scope though! The trick is to get to know what to look for when you've got an incorrect head position. Some scopes make this easy, on others it's a bit more difficult.
I'm with Chris on this one mate, I've noticed with Leup's especially they really take some time to get used to, I didn't get to grips with my first one for about 8 months. Have you had a shoot with a Bushnell 6500 round a course yet?

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